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The sale or purchase of real property can be an extremely complex transaction. This is why it pays to have a Canterbury Realty Group real estate broker on your team. From the day you list your property, until the day the sale is closed, we will be there through the whole process. We will not wait for the buyers to come to us. Instead, we aggressively market your property in the most popular places people are looking. The MLS is a good start, but we also market through social media and mega-listing sites. Our trained, experienced, and caring REALTORS® are the key to a great result. Our goal, as always, is to net you the most money, in the shortest time, with the least amount of trouble to you.

We are always here for our customers. Our customers have said they were happy working with us because of the ease of having questions answered. We are informative and welcome any questions they have, just call or send us an email. Canterbury Realty Group has an experienced team of REALTORS® that serve Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding areas. When selling a house, it is always a good idea to have an experienced agent to handle the process. Count on us for personalized service, and for us to be here for you to help you make the important decisions. We have more than 45 years of experience and always do things the proper way, earning your business with every step along the path.

Mission Statement

Doing things the right way—the old fashioned way! We earn it!

In the real estate business, our product is customer service. At Canterbury Realty Group, our mission is to provide our customers the best service and marketing experience. Selling one home at a time, Canterbury Realty Group Associates set goals to be sure our name is synonymous with experience, professionalism, and superior results.







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